Porchetta sandwich recipe

Porchetta sandwich recipe

Porchetta sandwich recipe.

The most important ingredient of course it is our Slow Roast Pulled Pork

That is the best way for a streetfood snack!

Sandwich with pork ( Porchetta sandwich recipe) ? Whatever may I say the best way to consume the porchetta of Ariccia is in a “sandwich with roast pork” richly padded.

The recommended amount for a sandwich made with a classic “ciriola” Roman, or “rosette! Classic bread much like the Italians, and about 120-150 grams of product, perhaps with inside a piece of” crust ” crispy  and goldened by the coocking process.

Porchetta sandwich recipe

The tradition of the “Castelli romani”  home of “Fraschette” and porchetta want the sandwich with roast pork is prepared with homemade bread, ( Pane casareccio)  the good one who is preparing to Lariano a nearby city, or Genzano the city of “Infiorata” or a wood stove among the few who have remained in circulation .

A sandwich with roast pork and hot homemade bread is the maximum streetfood at the Castelli Romani area but also a great healthy snack and nutritious. For those who had not tasted, the other a chance to taste the pork in a bun, is to get local pizza castle, heated with a plate for toas, and put into the delicious dish. The flavor of hot pizza with the crust will exalt you.

This image represents the classic sandwich with roast pork made with pork chopped into cubes and place in a classic “ciriola” Roman, the bread much like the inhabitants of the Eternal City

Sandwich with pork: recipe for white pizza also.

Another way to enjoy a sandwich with pork is to insert the padding inside a thick enough withe pizza, about three centimeters, cleverly divided in half and stuffed with crispy pork fresh Ariccia. No doubt the forerunner of street food, born in the 80s, and appreciated by all the customers of  artisan bread ovens to the Romans Castles ( Castelli Romani)